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This week’s Quality Question is inspired by Nat Eliason’s recent essay exploring his relationship with writing, work, and money. The punchline?

Be careful what you do to pay the bills. You might just succeed at it.

I’ve tried to seriously pursue writing a few times.

Every time, I’ve given up. Not in an explicit “I SURRENDER” moment of defeat, but through a subtle sliding away.

The kind of sliding where you wake up a year later and wonder “when did I make this decision?” Maybe you’ve experienced that, too. That moment when you realize the current of life carried you somewhere you never fully chose to go.

It took a while for me to realize that all of this other work was originally just to support being able to write. I started making courses to support writing. I started the agency to be able to write. I went into crypto because I was scared of not making enough money writing.

Ask yourself:

What are you doing now just so you can do what you really want to some day? What if you just do the thing you really want to do now?

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