Don’t do this

Last week we encouraged you to take one step in pursuit of your dream.

Often what holds us back from pursuing and achieving our highest goals is not a lack of opportunity or ability, but a lack of time and focus.

We waste our precious time, energy, and focus doing things that don’t bring us joy or move us closer to our goals.

What do you need to stop doing?

Is there something that sucks up your valuable time and energy that you can cut out? Maybe something like scrolling through TikTok or the news…

Perhaps there’s something that feels productive but isn’t serving your highest purpose? Maybe something like checking your email or Slack every five minutes, instead of focusing on more important, deep work?

Maybe it’s something that is important, but that you could delegate?

Take a few minutes now to make yourself a “Not To Do List” so you can free up time for what truly matters.

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