A deeper sense of meaning

This week we’re continuing the series on finding the edges of your comfort zone.

We already explored our fears around our work and relationships. Today let’s look at how our fears affect our spiritual life.

Whatever their religious affiliation, including ‘none at all’, most people agree they would like to be better connected to a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in the world.

This week’s question is designed to help you do that. Ask yourself:

What stops you from leading a deeper spiritual life?

Go beyond surface level excuses like, “I go to church already so I’m fine”, “I’m too busy for this woo woo stuff” and “I don’t like organized religion.”

What are your inner blocks to a more spiritual life?

Are you afraid of ‘being a fool’ and believing something that isn’t true?

Do you gain status by being viewed as practical and rational?

Are you worried that if you followed a path of meaning you would lose out on the more concrete things the material world is offering you?

Find what feels true for you. Don’t try to change anything now, just bring awareness to what is really going on.

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