Fearless in Love

Last week we began a new series, finding the edge of your comfort zone.

We started by exploring what your work would look like if it weren’t constrained by fear.

This week, let’s apply the same principle to your relationships.

If you were truly fearless, what kind of relationship would you be in?

Would it be a relationship with more passion and sex?

Would it be a relationship with someone who is more successful and inspiring — someone who pushes you further in the direction you want to go?

The purpose of this exercise is not just to imagine some fictional person who could fulfill all of your fantasies…

Instead the purpose is to help you think about: what it is that you are afraid to ask for from your current or prospective partner. And what it is in you that makes you afraid.

For example, do you feel guilty or unworthy when someone is too kind and compassionate?

Do you have insecurities around your sexual prowess?

Is there a fear that allowing your partner to grow might make them grow apart from you?

These are not easy questions to wrestle with, but know that everyone has these kind of fears.

There is nothing wrong with you for having them! And knowing yourself via honest reflection is the key to growing beyond where you are today.

Take some time now to reflect on what insecurities are holding you back from being the kind of person who has the relationship you are looking for.

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