Disarming your trigger

‚ÄčLast week we wrote:

We all have times when we get “triggered”.

Our higher cognitive functions go offline and we react from a place of hurt. In this mode, we often say and do things that we later regret.

And we asked you, what happens in your body when you get triggered?

Learning to identify the signals in your body that indicate you have been triggered is the first step to improving your response.

The next step is to create some space between the trigger and your reaction.

What can you do to help regulate your state when you get triggered?

It could be something as simple as taking a deep breath before responding. Or going outside.

Perhaps this is where a meditation or a mantra can help you. Or journaling what you’re feeling in that moment.

Finally, ask yourself: Why are you getting triggered?

Is there a pattern to the scenarios that trigger you? Look deeper and try to find the root cause. What about those scenarios is triggering?

Does it happen when you feel like you’re being judged? When someone pokes an insecurity or past trauma? Is it related to some stress you’re feeling (about money, your relationship, something else)?

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