Pulling your trigger

We may not like to admit it, but we all have times when we react badly.

Someone, maybe even a loved one, says or does something that “triggers” us. Our higher cognitive functions go offline and we react from a place of hurt. In this mode, we often say and do things that we later regret.

We can’t control what other people say and do to us, but we can learn to improve our reactions. These Quality Questions will help you do that.

To start, think about a time when you were triggered, and see if you can remember what you felt in your body and how you reacted.

What happens in your body when you get triggered?

  • Does your heart start beating faster?
  • Do you feel tightness in your throat or chest?
  • Do you start to raise your voice?

What happens next?

  • Do you attack the other person?
  • Do you become defensive?
  • Do you make snarky, passive-aggressive comments?
  • Or maybe you disengage and run away?

Becoming more aware and learning to identify the signals in your body that indicate you have been triggered is the first step to improving your response.

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