Getting Out of Control

This Quality Question is designed to help you increase your impact by letting go of control.

Ask yourself: Where can I give more authority to others?

What are you in charge of that you don’t need to be? Are there things you can delegate or outsource at work? What about at home? How can you hand control over to a loved one?

As you think through this, pay close attention to any fears or anxiety that pops up. Are you worried that something will go wrong? Do you feel like you’re the only one in the world who is capable of getting it done right? If so, consider running through this fear setting exercise.

We worry about what might go wrong if we give authority to others, but in reality our need for control is holding us (and those who can help us) back. Our fears blind us from seeing the progress we could be making if we gave up control.

Take a few minutes now to make a list of areas where you may be able to hand control over to someone else. Then pick one item from your list and delegate it right away.

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