Your only competition

We spend too much of our precious time and energy comparing ourselves against everyone else (and their expectations). This is foolish.

Instead, we should focus on bettering ourselves. That’s how we grow — by aiming a little bit higher than we did on the previous attempt. By being or doing a little bit more than we did yesterday.

This week’s Quality Question: How can I surpass myself today?

Pick one area and push past your previous limit.

🏋️‍♀️ That could be lifting slightly heavier weights at the gym (or doing an extra rep, or one more set, or holding that plank for 30 more seconds)

🧘‍♂️ Or it could be meditating for one minute longer than you usually do (or adding an afternoon session)

✅ Or it could be finally getting started on that project that you have been procrastinating (taking even just one tiny step still counts, since it’s more than you did before).

Pick one thing to surpass yourself each day this week.

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