Who Do You Need to Become?

Instead of starting the year with the usual vague goals and uninspiring resolutions, we’re doing something powerful and different…

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been preparing by asking ourselves:

What do I definitely not want? What would be the opposite of that?

These questions help us gain clarity about what we want in life. After all, the ultimate goal isn’t to achieve a one-off accomplishment and call it quits. The ultimate goal is to create a life that you love living.

Now, building on your answers to the previous questions, ask yourself: Who do I have to become to get what I want?

For example, lets say you wrote that you “dont want to spend weekends at home alone anymore.”

And then you defined the opposite of that as, “I want to have an active social life with lots of friends and fun events.”

What kind of person would live that life?

Think about the behaviors of that person, their habits, and thought patterns. How would you describe them?

Perhaps they are outgoing and talkative. Full of energy. They always have a kind word for everyone, and they linger an extra minute or two to chat with the barista instead of hurrying off in silence.

Maybe they make a special point of remembering people’s names, and go out of their way to introduce people they know to each other. They probably host lots of parties, and make sure that everyone is having a good time.

Answer the question above for each of the opposites you wrote last week. Then, compile the answers into concise a description of one person.

Become this person in 2022. That’s your true new year’s resolution!

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