The Magical Transformation ✨

Last week, we wrote:

As you prepare to set goals and make plans for the year ahead, ask yourself: What do I definitely not want?

Make a list of what you don’t want and keep it handy…

If you spent time working on this question, you probably noticed how much easier it is to list what you don’t want, rather than trying to come up with a list of goals, plans, etc.

(If you haven’t made a list of “don’t wants” yet, then do it now.)

✨ Here comes the magic…

Now take your list of “don’t wants” and for each item on the list, ask yourself: What would be the opposite of this?

For example, if you wrote: “I don’t want to work a 9-5 job anymore”

Then the opposite of that could be: “I want to set my own work hours”

You might find that writing down the opposites gives you some inspiration or drives you much closer to a clear vision of what you really want.

For example: “I want to have a career that I’m passionate about and control my own time and priorities.”

Or maybe even, “I want to start a travel blog for parents with toddlers.”

If that happens, great!

But don’t worry too much about the details for now, just write whatever comes to you that gets you inspired and excited.

Next week we are going to use this new list of opposites and give you one more powerful question to figure out how to make it all happen for you.

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