From Goals to Reality 🔑

Over the past four weeks, we’ve spent time figuring out what we don’t want, which helped us get clear on what we do want.

Then we identified the kind of person we need to become to get what we want, and set some goals to help us become that kind of person.

You should now have three clear, achievable goals that you are going to accomplish in the next three months (if you haven’t set those yet, you can do it now — we’ve linked to the previous questions above).

The next step is to ask yourself: What daily habits do I need to adopt to accomplish my goals? Your habits are the key for turning your vision into reality. Without supportive habits, even the most exciting goals are just hopeful fantasies.

Here’s an example of how a big vision can translate into a daily habit:

What do I want? To be invited to speak at important conferences and be seen as a thought leader in my field.

Who I need to become? A great communicator, comfortable speaking in front of a large audience, and able to explain big ideas in a short timeslot.

Three month goal? Give a 15-minute TED Talk-style presentation in public.

What habit do I need to adopt? Go live on social media for a minute or two everyday for a month to get used to speaking in public.

Choose and commit to a daily habit for each of the goals you set.

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