Don’t do this

Last week we encouraged you to take one step in pursuit of your dream.

Often what holds us back from pursuing and achieving our highest goals is not a lack of opportunity or ability, but a lack of time and focus.

We waste our precious time, energy, and focus doing things that don’t bring us joy or move us closer to our goals.

What do you need to stop doing?

Is there something that sucks up your valuable time and energy that you can cut out? Maybe something like scrolling through TikTok or the news…

Perhaps there’s something that feels productive but isn’t serving your highest purpose? Maybe something like checking your email or Slack every five minutes, instead of focusing on more important, deep work?

Maybe it’s something that is important, but that you could delegate?

Take a few minutes now to make yourself a “Not To Do List” so you can free up time for what truly matters.

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One small step

Last week we asked what’s on your one line bucket list.

One thing that would make your life more meaningful, fulfilling, or just fun.

This week’s Quality Question is about pushing forward on your dreams and taking action.

What’s holding you back from actually doing it?

If you had nothing else to do but work on this exciting goal, what would the next step be?

Maybe its signing up for a class, booking the trip, or telling a loved one about your plan.

It can be scary to turn dreams into concrete steps. We fear that we won’t be good enough, that other people will try to stop us, or the reality won’t live up to the fantasy.

Let go of those fears for just a moment and take one concrete step in pursuit of your dream.


Minimum viable bucket list

What’s one thing that you would like to do before you die?

Something that would make your life more meaningful, fulfilling, or just fun.

Perhaps it’s something that you have always wanted to do, but never made it a priority. Maybe you were afraid to even admit that you wanted to do it, so you never wrote it down before.

Or maybe you already have a long list of such things…

For now, just choose one.


Funny Money

This Quality Question is about fun and money:

If you had $1,000,000 how would you spend it?

Just for today, imagine this money is all for you and your enjoyment. Play with the fun of spending money a bit more frivolously than you might normally. What would you splurge on? Make a list and go all out!

Do this now.

After you finish, look over your answer. Pay attention to which themes/areas/activities you are most attracted to. Then think about how you might enhance those areas in your life now, even if you don’t have a million dollars…


Your only competition

We spend too much of our precious time and energy comparing ourselves against everyone else (and their expectations). This is foolish.

Instead, we should focus on bettering ourselves. That’s how we grow — by aiming a little bit higher than we did on the previous attempt. By being or doing a little bit more than we did yesterday.

This week’s Quality Question: How can I surpass myself today?

Pick one area and push past your previous limit.

🏋️‍♀️ That could be lifting slightly heavier weights at the gym (or doing an extra rep, or one more set, or holding that plank for 30 more seconds)

🧘‍♂️ Or it could be meditating for one minute longer than you usually do (or adding an afternoon session)

✅ Or it could be finally getting started on that project that you have been procrastinating (taking even just one tiny step still counts, since it’s more than you did before).

Pick one thing to surpass yourself each day this week.


Let it go

What are you holding on to that’s no longer serving you?

Maybe it’s an unfinished project that’s draining your creative energy. Or a previous commitment that just doesn’t make sense anymore in your current reality.

Or perhaps there’s an old story you’re still telling yourself about who you are, or how the world works…

Ask yourself: What do you need to let go of order to free up space in your calendar, your mind, or your heart?


Showing that you care

This week’s Quality Question: How can I show that I care?

Taking the time to find little things you can do to show that you care about those closest to you and the world in general is powerful.

Spend a few minutes now thinking about this question, then take action immediately. Even something as simple a phone call, a loving touch, or a small gift can transform someone’s day and deepen the connection you share.


Your Happy List

This week’s Quality Question includes an exercise from Mo Gawdat’s wonderful book, Solve for Happy:

Why not take a moment right now, pull out a pencil and a piece of paper, and jot down some of the things that make you happy. As assignments go, this one’s not too tough. The list can be nothing more than a string of short, declarative sentences that get right to the point and complete the phrase:

“I feel happy when ______________.”

Add to your “happy list” by also asking yourself:

What were the things that brought you joy as a little kid?

Once you finish, look over your list and find a way to add some more happiness and joy to your life this week.


Learning from your own experience

Learning is the process of integrating new information with what we already know. That sounds super obvious, but sometimes we forget to update our mental models with the new information that we gather through experience.

Here are two Quality Questions from James Clear and Greg McKeown to help you do just that:

Think of something you struggled with in the last year. What is one lesson you have learned from the experience?

Now, the opposite: Can you think of an example of a time you were expecting something to be difficult but it turned out to be easy?


A Decade Wiser

Here’s this week’s Quality Question:

Imagine a version of yourself from 10 years from now traveled back in time to give you some advice. What do you think “future you” would tell you?